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Bluewaters island


Bluewaters Island is an energetic lifestyle destination promoting hospitality, retail, residential, and entertainment options. All who went there are spoilt for choice. Is the home to Dubai and is the world’s largest monitoring wheel. It is also a paradise for shopping lovers, covering unique dining and retail concepts. Bluewaters island bridge and several modes of transport system make this island easy to approach. The island promotes 2 five-star hotels which have direct access to the beach. From breaking attractions to luxury resorts, this island has everything.

Where is Ain Dubai?

Bluewaters Island  Dubai, meaning Ain Dubai will be joining the likes of Caesars Resort in the development that opened in 2018. The island is within reach from the coast by a bridge from Sheikh Zayed Road. tourists and visitors can also reach the island within a 15-minute walk. By using the bridge from Jumeirah beach residence There are amazing views from Bluewaters of the Arabian Gulf, JBR, and palm Jumeirah.

How big is Ain Dubai?

On the blue waters island, Ain Dubai stands more than 250 meters high. For comparison, The Statue of Liberty stands up 93 meters from the ground and the Eiffel Tower rises at 324 meters. Burj Khalifa is towering at a mighty 830 meters it is still the tallest of all the buildings. 

Live like king in caesars palace

The only other Caesars Palace property apart from the one in Las Vegas can be found at Bluewaters island in Dubai. The hotel lives up to its regal heritage with great hospitality and the best facilities.  They have perfect pools, a signature spa service, a devoted kids club, and the best dining restaurants. The rooms here are all superb but take our advice and book a suite for free of charge butler service

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Cove beach

A Cove Beach is the perfect place to relax.  It has a restaurant, lounge, and 3 pools, all set to the scenery of the Arabian Gulf’s waters. There is a particular Mediterranean vibe here that you will want to absorb.  You can also enjoy the seafood at the beach of bluewater Island Dubai.

Sky view Dubai


Sky view Dubai is the new attraction to gesture visitors or tourists from different countries off their feet with an amazing view of downtown Dubai. It is 85- meters long and 30 meters vast sky view bridge. Which is connected with the sky view tower in Dubai. It is designed by the architects who constructed the world popular Burj Khalifa. Most people visit Sky View Dubai at the time of sunset for magical beautiful views of the cityscape when the sun goes down.

Things to try at sky view Dubai

The guests overlook the scenic glass of the elevator ride to level 52 from where visitors can enter a twisted staircase to the floor. Sky view Dubai floor is above for holding an attention 46-m long glass walk to the next to the building. 


The glass slide captures childhood happiness, holding an eye-catching ride inside a transparent tunnel from levels 53 to 52 of the building. It is a big advantage of the hotel’s twin tower promotion. For the moment, fearless people will look forward to a journey along the edge walk. This experience puts visitors and tourists all provide with a safety saddle. On the outside ledge surrounded by the skyscraper’s highest pod.

Requirements for glass slide

  • Visitors who want to take a glass slide at Sky view Dubai should not have any physical or mental illnesses. this would stop them from completing the physical and mental challenges while taking the slide.
  • Personal items, such as jewelry pieces and cell phones, must be removed.
  • During the sliding experience, a certain mat or rug must be used, and Sky View Dubai manager’s directions and instructions must be followed.
  • Participants should take no spirits or other substances that harm judgment.
  • If you are lying on your stomach or back, do not slip.
  • One person can only take one slide at a time.

Timings and tickets

If you want to find out the opening hours and ticket prices of the Sky View Dubai. Remember that you can not make any type of changes after buying the tickets for the sky view.

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on all days.

Tickets: 65 AED per adult, 55 AED per kid, 65 AED around the sunset, and the edge walk is for 699 AED.