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When it comes to Dubai, you start expecting to have the luxury and deluxe experience in everything. Luxury yachts, luxury hotels, luxury resorts, luxury safaris. So why not have a deluxe experience in Dubai? Dubai is the city of gold and it has a lot of luxury experiences you can enjoy.

Few best deluxe experiences in Dubai

Dubai is a deluxe playground and the most luxurious city. so here is a to-do list that will impress you for sure.

Private cruise

        Set sail on a private cruise is one of the people’s favorite weekend activities. After brunch cruising in the gleaming waters of the Arabian Gulf by boat. Get a deluxe experience in Dubai next level by booking a luxury yacht for a personal tour around the city’s coast for you and your friends or family. Special Yachts provides a full crew and an open route custom-made to visitors’ specifications. You can choose to have a luxury day relaxing in the sun with breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline from the shoreline. You can hire a special cruise for your loved one to see the sunset.

Book a helicopter ride

        If you are in a hurry and don’t want to travel by road. The best deluxe experience in Dubai is that Dubai’s five-star hotels come with their helipads. Popular hotels like Burj Al Arab provide helicopter service for visitors who want to spend a few days of pampering. Or guests who want to visit for high tea. You can just book your high-sky travel arrangements through their room service. 

Dubai escorted

Stay in the designer suite

        The amazing Bulgari resort promotes a selection of surcharge suites and villas.

           each with the most expensive designer interiors and luxe facilities. Indicating the                                         Italian 

           brand’s first launch into the Middle East.  the resort is a new stylish addition to Dubai’s 

           shoreline. The resort has 5 dining spaces, a private beach, and swimming pool, a 

           galactic spa, and one of the best yacht clubs, all are extraordinary even under the 

           highest expectations

A trip around Ain Dubai

 The most deluxe experience  Dubai’ Ain Dubai will be joining the likes of Caesars Resort in the development that opened in 2018. The island is within reach from the coast by a bridge from Sheikh Zayed Road. tourists and visitors can also reach the island within a 15-minute walk. By using the bridge from Jumeirah beach residence There are amazing views from Bluewaters of the Arabian Gulf, JBR, and palm Jumeirah.  Ain Dubai stands more than 250 meters high. For comparison, The Statue of Liberty stands up 93 meters from the ground and the Eiffel Tower rises at 324 meters. Burj Khalifa is towering at a mighty 830 meters it is still the tallest of all the buildings. 

Shopping at Dubai Mall

          Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world after the Iran mall. It incredibly attracts many kind visitors and families. Under the one huge roof, you can find almost 1200 to 1300 retailers in Dubai mall. You can explore favorite high street stores like Zara and H&M. or you can explore department stores like Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s. Meantime you can find the most luxury labels on fashion avenue. The exclusive section at the mall has famous enthusiasts of couture. You can find the best stores for shoes and bags like Dior, Fendi, LV, etc. not just that you can slide on the ice at the skating rink which is Olympic size. Also, kids have indoor adventures like there is a Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo in the mall of Dubai.

Luxury desert safari

     The most deluxe experience Dubai desert tour is relevant to any other safari like a forest or natural park. The only difference is that it includes cruising through the desert. The desert is made up of sand which arises in small mounds called dunes. They keep shifting in the direction of the wind. As well, desert storms are also normal when the sand is stirred all around and visibility is decreased to zero. Getting caught in a desert storm can be a chilling and amazing experience. You have never been indulged as much as you will be in the luxurious desert safari in Dubai.