The huge land of a desert makes it the best tourist destination for spending amazing times and adventurous desert safaris. It is an exciting activity recommended for all age groups people but not suitable for old people. They embrace a lot of sports and exciting activities like thrilling camel riding, quad biking, hot air balloons, wildlife, sand boarding, Tanura dance, and dune buggy tour also there is an option to enjoy their traditional activities like painting, BBQ, falconry, and watching local dance.


Desert safari Dubai is the best palace to enjoy on the vacation with your family but the desert safari has very harsh temperatures, especially in the summer, its temperature goes to 55 degrees. However, you can tour desert safari at night when the temperature goes to normal condition.

There are a lot of things you can prepare when you are going on a trip of desert safari. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when you are going on a desert safari tour to make it a lot more fun and comfortable.

Wear comfortable clothes

The suitable clothes for desert safari are informal, loose, and most importantly comfortable. For boys, this includes clothes like shirts, pants, and shorts for girls’ frocks, cotton shirts, etc you can bring extra shawls or jackets for the nighttime.  The preferred shoes are sandals, flip-flops, or any other shoes. there are a lot of activities like out in sand so open shoes are more suitable in sand otherwise in closed shoes, the sand goes in the shoes.

moreover, it is worth considering the tour activities when deciding on clothing also women should cover their knees and shoulders because it’s intensely hot in the afternoon while early mornings and evenings get very cold in the Dubai safari desert.

Take notice of the instructors

in desert safari, there is a variety of hard, rough, and adventurous activities, so it is important to listen to the instructor. For instance, the dune bashing activity is quite hard. If the guidelines are followed properly you will feel safe, and comfortable and enjoy your time more and more. If you want to do hiking then do bring an extra water bottle with you The adventures at steep dunes will be so much fun and will make you so much happy and satisfied but let the skilled driver take you on the ride

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Pack the right supplies

It is not necessary to pack so much for the desert safari, but a few important and useful items to be considered include sunscreen, sunglasses, some food and drinks, medication, a hat, footwear, and a light jacket. Also, the sunglasses will not only help to block the sunlight but will stop the sand from getting into your eyes. Sunscreen is a must bring an item on a desert tour to shield your body from the intense desert rays and minimize the risk of burned and tan skin. If you are planning a night or an evening tour, the desert temperature will be cooler in the evening or night time so do bring a shawl, cardigan, or pullover with you.

Choose the right time

The perfect time to visit a desert region is from November to March. A desert safari will be a lot more comfortable in the winter months. During the day time temperature will be a lot more chilly Also, it will be possible to catch a striking sunset. Desert safari does not operate in the afternoon because of extremely hot weather. Desert safari timings in the morning are 8 am to 11 am and in the evening from 4 pm to 11 am However, the winter months are the major tourist season, so it will be necessary to expect more crowds and more competition to book the activities.

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Pack a camera

There will be plenty of photo opportunities you can capture a lot of beautiful sights on a desert safari. Even though many people will think the deserts and dunes are simply hot and barren places, there are a lot of wonderful views that can take your breath away and you will be amazed to see them. Also, pack an extra battery to ensure the desired number of photos can be taken.  Capture all the exciting experiences and magical beauty of the desert.mOne of the great things to capture will be the many different reptiles and mammal species.

Some Gears

Bag pack full of useful gears

Sleeping bag

Walking poles for hiking

Compass or GPS in mobile phone

Lamp for night times and do bring extra batteries

Utensils for cooking and eating

Sleeping pads for spending the night