Dhow cruise Dubai marina

The Dubai marina is known as an artificial canal city. It is the most scathing Dubai attraction, scattered with skyscrapers showing the magnificent Dubai. Think of yourself sailing in the attractive water surrounded by huge towers of Dubai. You must be feeling imaginary but with dhow cruise Dubai marina you can see clear skylines of the city while sailing in alluring water.

Relax with the dhow cruise marina and experience the amazing magical Arabian nights with shadows of amazing skyscrapers this dhow cruise presents the beautiful views of Dubai with fineness and a romantic atmosphere its your choice whether you choose an open-air upper deck or full air-conditioned lower deck. You will be surprised to see perfect Dubai art and culture through different live shows like live Tanura dance. Professionally trained staff is available on the cruise, and live music ( English, Arabian, Hindi) playing in the entertainment background. So if you love seas, marine thrills activities must be on your list while coming for vacation in Dubai.

More about Dubai

 In Dubai, there is not only sun and sand. You may be fascinated by the deserts but there are captivating treasures in Dubai like sparkling blue seas. Pearl diving, fishing, and regular traveling to the sea are common back in the day. Pilgrims sailed the oceans to trade their good products with other neighboring countries

Among all the huge and tall buildings and manmade wonders, tourists in Dubai can still re-experience the best old days of Dubai through marine spare activities. Thrilling yacht rental, romantic dhow cruises, fishing in deep-sea, and different water sports are available all over the Dubai beaches.

Here are some activities in the dhow cruise marina:

  • Traveling over the Dhow cruise marina is a combination of amazing and magical sightseeing, delectable dining, and noticeable striking entertainment.
  • It approaches a cruise experience over the soothing and calm water of the Dubai marina, highlighted by the lights of tall buildings across the water.
  • Witness the brightening skyscrapers of the city by sailing in the marina canal.
  • Completely air-conditioned luxurious lower decks available, and open-air deck for spending romantic dinner night.
Dubai Burj Khalifa Level 124 and 125 Entry Ticket

Dinner at the marina:

  • You will be welcomed with fresh dates and Arabian tea or coffee when you reached.
  • Seasoning a three-course international buffet, Asian and Arab cuisine with so many ranges of dishes, you will get confused while choosing dishes.
  • In the buffet, there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes options
  • On cruise rides packaged drinking water, welcoming drinks, teas and coffees are included.

Timings of Dubai marina dhow

The Dubai Marina dhow dinner cruise is a daily start from 8:30 PM and finishes at 11 PM daily. Since the cruise begins at 9 PM, depending on your location, you will be picked up an hour in advance


Dubai yacht tour

To experience a whole different view of Dubai’s dazzling skyline, you can rent luxurious yachts, particularly companies that provide yacht charter services and take you on a soothing cruise out the Dubai seas. You can see fantastic views of iconic Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. If you are going on a cruise in the daytime, feel the warmest sun and refreshing sea breeze on your face; if you are a sunset lover, you can book a sunset cruise where you can witness the beautiful golden sun slowly drifting down the horizon. Sunset never fails to bring poets or the hopeless romantic in us.


Enjoy the nature in yacht tour

A yacht charter in Dubai will take you on a soothing sunset cruise of your life ever. You can get away from the noisy city life, you will enjoy the soothing sound of sea waves and chilly wind rustling through your hair. Isn’t it perfect for you and your partner to enjoy this moment of life together? You can also go with your friends and family to enjoy this delightful sunset together.

Beautiful view of sand beaches from yacht

Then from the marina, go for a ride out to the coast of Dubai where you can see a white sand beach dazzling and glittering in the light of sunset through this view, the iconic Burj al Arab looks more majestic, and see the sky gradually turning into warm hues of orange and pink.

Palm Jumeira view with sunset through yacht

If the yacht charter takes a cruise around Palm Jumeirah, you can refreshen up with some drinks and wait until the golden sunset bids the sweetest goodbye for the day. Isn’t this magical moment creating the perfect backdrop for a wedding proposal?

See landmark resort view during Dubai Yacht tour

If the yacht charter takes the cruise to Atlantis the palm, you can freely feel the magnificence in the air looking at the landmark resort that is courageously facing the Arabian Gulf. Feel it flowing with the legendary aura of its namesake, the lost city of Atlantis, and the gracefulness of its Arabian character.


Manifestly, you will not just let these beautiful moments pass by you. You will capture it on your phone or camera for memories. Photos of sunset are famously submitted as the most breathtaking pictures. As your day ends into the night your yacht charter takes the cruise to the marina and by this time you keep sitting surprised and thinking about the unique experience you have witnessed. You will feel grateful and blessed to see such wonders in Dubai