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Dolphinarium Dubai


Dubai Dolphinarium shows you one of the most enchanting and unique indoor attractions in Dubai. Experience all the fun shows all under one roof with our fully air-conditioned facilities indoor only in Dubai Dolphinarium. You can only see Dolphin and  Seal Show, Creek Park Bird Show, and also you can Swim With Dolphins.

Majestic dolphin swim

Experience in majestic Dolphinarium Dubai the dolphin swim connects with our dolphins on a personal level. You can enjoy the hindmost fin tow or belly ride also you can kiss, hug and dance with these cute mammals. Expert trainers will guide you they will be very pleased to tell you more about the behaviors of dolphins, natural habitats, and more. It is perfect for fearless and confident swimmers.

Key features

While being in Dolphinarium Dubai and experiencing deep swimming with dolphins you need to know about these key features:


  • Wet interaction in the deep water
  • It is acceptable for children from 5 years old. They would love it
  • Children between 5 to12 years old must be coincided by a paying adult.
  • It is Limited to 6 guests per session in the pool.
  • Make sure to know that the guest’s weight should be less than 110kg. 
  • Gather to your dolphin through kisses, dancing, hugs, and their high-energy behaviors.
Dubai escorted

Shallow water with dolphins

You can Enjoy an Up Close & Personal dolphin experience that you will adore forever. Our shallow water interaction allows our visitors to connect with the dolphins in their environment. visitors are only in up water to knee height and are under instruction management. You can see them dance, sing and watch the high-energy behaviors of the dolphins in Dolphinarium Dubai. It is perfect for children and people who are less confident in the water with dolphins.

Price for shows in Dolphinarium Dubai

Deep swimming price is about 630 AED per person in a different session and a shallow water cost is about 470 AED per person in a different session.

Dubai night club


Dubai is such a beautiful city. It does not fall back when it comes to Dubai night club. Everyone in Dubai loves to enjoy the nightlife by visiting nightclubs. It may be a misunderstanding that doing a party in Dubai is not so enjoyable, but there are so many great nightclubs in Dubai. It is sure to be a lot of fun in the Dubai nightclub. So if you love dancing you can go to a nightclub and dance under the disco lights. We know some best clubs you can visit to make your night memorable.

List of Dubai night club:

  • Armani Nightclub
  • Cavalli Club
  • Base
  • Club 360
  • Club Boudoir
  • Billionaire Mansion Nightclub
  • White Dubai Nightclub

Armani night club

                       Armani club is an awe-inspiring nightclub that is the embodiment of luxury. Armani hospitality built the classy club and club is designed by Giorgio Armani. This is more on the luxurious number of clubs in Dubai.  Armani club is the best place for white-collar parties. It is one of the famous Dubai night club.

Cavalli Club

          Cavalli Club is one of the oldest clubs in Dubai which still has its original charm and manages its loyal crowd every time. It is attractive, pleasant, and no doubt a re-evaluated luxury. The place is unique and special because of its interior décor which consists of chandeliers, Swarovski crystals, and glamorous furnishings all over the club.


        It is one of the Awarded Dubai night club.  the nightclub of the year in Dubai. The base is the best place to experience a good and fun nightlife experience with a chic vibe. It is a unique club with a classy crowd in it.

Club 360

  A club in Dubai that is the cheerful nature of the city in the classiest ways is Club 360. if you want to see the scenic view of the Burj Al Arab and the Persian Gulf, you can see that from club 360. You can able to see a great view of the classic club. It seems to be the most attractive Dubai nightclub.

Club boudoir

 Club Boudoir is the right place to go if you love the french vibe. The people who attend parties are very naive about this club. The club has strict rules with its dress codes and anticipates people to do organized fashion. 

Billionaire mansion club

    Billionaire mansion club is a sight to observe. It has a lavish vibe and elegant surroundings. Many people prefer to go to this nightclub to enjoy the lavish atmosphere. This nightclub includes an outdoor dance terrace, best dinners, karaoke nights, and some extra shows to entertain people.

White Dubai nightclub

    White Dubai nightclub is a rooftop nightclub. It is lively, full of energy and luxury, and ultra-modern designs. They feature DJs around the world to play electronic and house music. The food in this nightclub is also commendable.