Dubai Cruise

Dubai is a very famous holiday destination in the world. People around the world visit Dubai for spending their holidays there are various places to visit in Dubai you will surprised to see the contemporary architecture of the city. The giant building of the world is also in Dubai.

There are so many exciting activities you can experience in Dubai, there are a lot of arrangements on how to explore the beautiful city.

Explore the beauty of Dubai

One of the interesting ways to explore the beauty of Dubai is a cruise Dubai. Dubai cruise tour is so reviving and relaxing. Imagine that you are on a cruise and the water is passing against your boat, the smell of the sea, chilly breezes, rumpled hair, and fingers are hanging down in the cold water of the sea. Isn’t it a perfect and romantic idea to spend a holiday?

If you want to travel all over beautiful Dubai on a Dubai cruise make sure that you will book a good Dubai boat tour company. A good boat tour agent will show you the beautiful and amazing places of Dubai on a Dubai cruise. Choose the best quality dhow.

On the Dubai cruise, you can see the ancestral house of Sheikh Zayed his house was built over a century ago and the building is very ancient and of Arabian design. It has been built traditionally 

Some Dubai cruise takes a break and lets passengers see the home of the sheik stayed because it is situated on the ground of the Al ain museum its structure is like a fort.

There are a lot more amazing things you can enjoy on the cruise you can share your expectations from the cruise with a boat tour agent.

Dubai Burj Khalifa Level 124 and 125 Entry Ticket

Dhow cruise Dubai

Dubai is very famous for its dhow cruise which includes incredible mystery,  romance, entertainment, uniqueness, and sightseeing also.

Yes definitely you can enjoy a dhow cruise in different cities of the world but if you have not experienced a Dhow cruise in Dubai then your voyaging is not completed. It is one of the most valuable activities to do in Dubai during the day or night, especially at night time. Dhow cruise tour shows you the other sight of Dubai’s highly exciting and astonishing magnification, asides from breath-taking tall buildings and luxurious shopping malls. If you like nature, Musandam Dibba is a magical dhow cruise in Dubathatch that will amaze you every mile.

Dhow cruise in Dubai is famous for two hours of rides that let you see the whole magical city floating on the water. The views you can catch from the dhow cruise are so magical and unforgettable. Plan your dhow cruise strategically so that you will not miss the best spots.


Here are some particulars facts about the dhow cruise in Dubai:

1: what are dhows

  Dhow is a latten-rigged sailing vessel that originated in the Arabian region Dubai started using vessels many years ago on the creek for transportation it was used to transport items like fruits, and clothes and import different items. There are different types of dhows with different shapes and styles.

2: dhow cruise dinner

    If you want to spend a romantic night and make a night special there is nothing better than dhow cruise dinner. One of the most romantic and lovely ways to see Dubai is by dhow dinner cruise it offers amazing views of the city from the creek, under the beautiful sky. Passengers will be amazed to see the fantastic views of Dubai and its past and present architecture. There are various landmarks which you can see but the most famous is the sheik stayed house. You can also enjoy delicious dinner buffets with Arabian music, belly dances, and taking photos enjoying traditional Arabic coffee. Girls can wear smart formal dresses instead of short skirts and sleeveless dresses. Mans should wear a nice decent suit instead of shorts. Flip-flops and slippers don’t go with the venue. You will see so many large boats of rich Arabs sailing along the creek. The dhow evening cruise normally sets sail between 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

3: how to book a dhow cruise in Dubai

  •   Dhow booking is simple you can simply book your dhow online in advance through the internet or by contacting tour agents in Dubai. Most of the cuisine in Dubai is of great quality which is a bit expensive
  • Remember your pickup time tour operator will come to pick you up from the hotel to take you to the cusine area. The Tour operator will keep in touch with you
  • If you want to have the best experience on a cruise make sure you are the first one to book so you have the opportunity of selecting a perfect sitting area for you and your partner.

Dubai dhow tour will surely be the most memorable tour of your life. There are so many amazing things to enjoy.