Dubai desert tour


One of the most famous tourist activities of Dubai is the Dubai desert tour. There was a time when millions of tourists in Dubai go every year. But now the time has changed and now tourists traffic is decreasing because of the viruses, yet the few visitors come and still savor the safari tour.

The Dubai desert tour is relevant to any other safari like a forest or natural park. The only difference is that it includes cruising through the desert. The desert is made up of sand which arises in small mounds called dunes. They keep shifting in the direction of the wind. As well, desert storms are also normal when the sand is stirred all around and visibility is decreased to zero. Getting caught in a desert storm can be a chilling and amazing experience.



Vehicle in Dubai desert:

Dubai desert tour has a special kind of vehicle that can move on sand easily. Only a 4 by 4-wheel car can drive on the sand. Toyota land cruiser is the most commonly used vehicle on these desert safaris. The car is like a room with AC on and did not get heated in the desert.


The temperature in Desert safari:

The temperature in the desert is between 45 to 50 degrees. The safaris are not available during May and June because it’s too hot. The best time for safaris is in winter when the temperature is low and you can enjoy it in the desert. The belly dance and the food


Dubai desert tour

How to book a desert safari tour?

Booking a safari in Dubai desert tour is easy and simple and there are so many outlets at the hotels where you will be spending your days. There are 2 types of safaris. First, there is the daytime safari which picks you up from the hotel and drops you off at night or midnight.

There is also a safari overnight which takes you to Beduin village. Where you will be able to spend the night in air-conditioned tents and they take you back the next evening.


When did desert safari start?

The safari begins right from the time you are picked up from the hotel. When they pick you up all the cars gather at the main point. No car can go into the desert alone. That is dangerous because you can forget about your way in the desert and sometimes the drivers also forget their direction.

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Wear comfortable clothes

The suitable clothes for desert safari are informal, loose, and most importantly comfortable. For boys, this includes clothes like shirts, pants, and shorts for girls’ frocks, cotton shirts, etc you can bring extra shawls or jackets for the nighttime.  The preferred shoes are sandals, flip-flops, or any other shoes. there are a lot of activities like out in sand so open shoes are more suitable in sand otherwise in closed shoes, the sand goes in the shoes.

moreover, it is worth considering the tour activities when deciding on clothing also women should cover their knees and shoulders because it’s intensely hot in the afternoon while early mornings and evenings get very cold while being on a Dubai desert tour.

Activities in Dubai desert tour:

A Dubai safari is one of the most popular days out during your visit. It can give you a lifetime experience. if you can hire the right tour advisor. You should collect information about their offered services. facilities and the inclusions in a package before you start your day. Safari tour is  Equally enjoyed and loved by young, adults and kids. there are lots of fun and entertainment on a desert safari.

Timings for Dubai desert tour:

The perfect time to visit a desert region is from November to March. A Dubai desert tour will be a lot more comfortable in the winter months. During the day time temperature will be a lot more chilly Also, it will be possible to catch a striking sunset.  The Safari tour does not operate in the afternoon because of extremely hot weather. Safari tour timings in the morning are 8 am to 11 am and in the evening from 4 pm to 11 am However, the winter months are the major season when tourists come.