Dubai marina cruise


Relax with the Dubai marina cruise and experience the fantastic magical Arabian nights with shadows. of amazing skyscrapers, this dhow cruise presents the beautiful views of Dubai with fineness and a romantic atmosphere its your choice whether you choose an open-air upper deck or a full air-conditioned lower deck. You will be surprised to see perfect Dubai art and culture through different live shows like live Tanura dance. Professionally trained staff is available on the cruise, and live music ( English, Arabian, Hindi) is playing in the entertainment background. So if you love seas, marine thrills activities must be on your list while coming for vacation in Dubai. Dubai marina cruise is famous for two hours of rides that let you see the whole magical city floating on the water. The views you can catch from the dhow cruise are so magical and unforgettable. Plan your dhow cruise strategically so that you will not miss the best spots.

Dubai Burj Khalifa Level 124 and 125 Entry Ticket

Activities in Dubai marina cruise

  • Traveling over the Dubai marina cruise is a combination of unique and magical sightseeing, delectable dining, and noticeable striking entertainment.
  • It approaches a cruise experience over the soothing and calm water of the Dubai marina. highlighted by the lights of tall buildings across the water.
  • Witness the brightening skyscrapers of the city by sailing in the marina canal.
  • Completely air-conditioned luxurious lower decks available. and an open-air deck for spending romantic dinner nights.

Dinner at Dubai marina cruise

  •   You will be welcomed with fresh dates and Arabian tea or coffee when you reached the Dubai marina cruise.
  • Seasoning a three-course international buffet. Asian and Arab cuisine with so many ranges of dishes, you will get confused while choosing dishes.
  • In the buffet, there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes options.
  • On cruise rides packaged drinking water, welcoming drinks, teas and coffees are included.

how to book a Dubai marina cruise

  • Dubai marina cruise booking is simple you can simply book your dhow online in advance. through the internet or by contacting tour agents in Dubai. Most of the cuisine in Dubai is of great quality which is a bit expensive
  • Remember your pickup time tour operator will come to pick you up from the hotel to take you to the cruise area. The Tour operator will keep in touch with you
  • If you want to have the best experience on a cruise make sure you are the first one to book. so you have the opportunity of selecting a perfect sitting area for you and your partner.

Dubai marina dinner cruise


 If you want to spend a romantic night and make a night special. there is nothing better than a Dubai marina dinner cruise. One of the most romantic and lovely ways to see Dubai is by cruise dinner Dubai. offers amazing views of the city from the creek, under the beautiful sky. Passengers will be amazed to see the fantastic views of Dubai. and it’s past and present architecture. There are various landmarks which you can see but the most famous is the sheik stayed house. You can also enjoy delicious dinner buffets with Arabian music, belly dances, and taking photos enjoying traditional Arabic coffee.

What to wear to the cruise dinner:

 Girls can wear smart formal dresses instead of short skirts and sleeveless dresses. Mans should wear a nice decent suit instead of shorts. Flip-flops and slippers don’t go with the venue. You will see so many large boats of rich Arabs sailing along the creek. The dhow evening cruise normally sets sail between 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. The Dubai marina dinner cruise will surely be the most memorable dinner of your life. There are so many amazing things to eat and enjoy.

Timings of Dubai marina

The Dubai Marina dinner cruise is daily starting from 8:30 PM and finishing at 11 PM daily. Since the cruise begins at 9 PM, depending on your location, you will be picked up an hour in advance. The Dubai marina cruise will surely be the most memorable tour of your life. There are so many amazing things to enjoy.