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Dubai safari park


Dubai safari park is located in the middle of the desert in Al Warqaa. the wildlife facility of the safari park is an enlarged community of 3,000 birds, mammals, and amphibians. It is also home to the world’s largest land mammal which is the African elephant.

Dubai Safari Park provides visitors with an excess of two ways activities, and awareness programs and also allow feeding the striking animals by hand. There are also many other facilities in the park that make tourists’ visits more convenient and fun

Few facilities in the park

  • restaurants and kiosks
  • Baby changing rooms
  • First aid service
  • Toilets
  • Separate prayer areas for male and female

Attractions in Dubai safari park

The Dubai safari park makes a notable first impression with its beautiful lakes and grassy landscaping. An armada of eco-friendly vehicles takes you to the gargantuan park.

The safari is divided into different zones, each featuring individual topography and animal population. Let’s find out what kind of themes are available in the park. And which animals they have.

Dubai escorted

Arabian desert safari

Do you want to see Arabian oryx in all its majesty? A Dubai safari park addresses the visitors before they start the trip. During this short tour, visitors see some best animals in the Arabian point, from the camels to oryx and gazelles. The most famous animal here is an Arabian wolf.


Explore village

The Dubai safari park to the explore village is the main attraction at the park. The traditional open safari transports and takes you to the jungles of Asia and Africa for the best experience with their favorite animals. Visitors can see the village in special vehicles and see many animal species like zebra, water buffalo, and cheetah which is the hero.  This place also allows you to feed giraffes and watch the bird show.

African village

Another area in the safari park is the African village. It is the home for different animal species like white lions, giraffes, and the hero of the safari park African elephants.

The Grand Aviary is the high point of this attraction and the best place for determining birdwatchers. the guides who help you spot many rare birds during the journey will make your experience more interesting. Do not forget to stop at the reptile house.

Asian village

In Dubai safari park the Asian Village is home to famous native species from the Asian continent. Visitors learn exciting and informative things about the animals from the park’s expert keepers. The Hero Animal of this zone is the Moon Bear,  who is also known as the black bear.



Kids farm

Another attraction in Dubai Safari park is the specially organized Kids Farm. which is an amusement combination of the petting zoo and farm. In the Kids Farm, the kids learn about cultural farm animals like chickens, goats, and sheep. In this zone, kids enjoy connecting with nature. And learn how to ride ponies and also visit the bird zone.

Timings of Dubai safari park

The timings of the park are 09:00 am to 05:00 pm daily. A tour of the whole park easily takes almost 5 hours. make sure you have enough time to see everything when you visit the safari park. 

There are various shows in Dubai safari park. For that, you have to schedule your visit to the park to see all attractions in the park.

Sustainability effort in Dubai safari park

There is so much more to the aspiring attraction than just entertainment. The safari park is built on a side of a landfill. It has changed the area into a space that is used again and again. Also,  the park has acquire many eco-friendly and sustainable technologies like utilizing solar energy to power its facilities and electric vehicles.

Other efforts add replan food and animal waste which is then used as fertilizer in the park. Some recycle bins are also spread all around the facility for visitors to use. The park also makes efforts to protect endangered species along with substianal scientific research.

The Dubai Safari Park provides a vibrant wildlife experience different from any other park in the UAE. A lot of work and planning has gone into making sure the animals in the safari park are comfortable. We definitely suggest it as a day of fun for all animals and mammal lovers in Dubai and other countries.