Dubai underwater hotel


Dubai is a land of amazing surprises and the underwater hotels are a perfect combination of modern global lifestyle and royal luxury. With top-grade engineering and a warm welcome. these hotels have moved on to be on the top of the island’s most striven-after attractions. The Dubai underwater hotel and resort have been generally accepted. for providing luxurious stays and comfortable to the tourists visiting Dubai.

The Dubai underwater hotel has been valuable for regulating the customer experience for every person’s needs and predictions. Most of the hotels have different observation decks. from which tourists can have a glance at the popular marine life of Dubai and the Skyline in Dubai.

How do you reach out?

In sequence to hold out the Dubai Underwater Hotel, you need to first appear at Palm Jumeirah Island. The palm island in Dubai is situated at a distance of about 25 km. from the Dubai city center.


When you are at palm island when you can then go to the arrival station of the underground hotel. and then go on the elevator that will take you to the ground floor.

Best time to visit

In  Dubai underwater hotel you can visit any time of the year. Hotel management will welcome you with all their heart. and present you with the best experience that is worth admirable all through life. The atmosphere of Dubai makes tourism possible almost all the year but people can avoid going in the summers.

Dubai Burj Khalifa Level 124 and 125 Entry Ticket

Facts about Dubai underwater hotel

Here are some interesting facts about Dubai underwater hotel:

  • Hauser is the designer of underwater in Dubai. who has skillfully incorporated his passion for sea and water in his design
  • The guest who wants to visit this hotel will be received from the station. and then transfer by a train which is soundless and runs by the cables in the hotel.
  • You can see the ocean from the lower part of the underwater hotel.
  • The Dubai underwater hotel is owned by the great general Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. name Al Maktoum which is the crown of Dubai.
  • The underwater hotel in Dubai is regarded to be the last free property on this sail.
  • The underwater hotel in Dubai is one of the fanciest hotels in the whole world. Tourists want to stay in this hotel for a long period of time to enjoy its luxuries.

Dubai United Arab Emirates


Dubai United Arab Emirates is a country in the middle east. It is situated at the end of the Arabian peninsula and its border are shared with Saudia Arabia and Oman. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the nation while Dubai is the most famous city. It has a federation of 7 emirates, they are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain.

Religion in UAE

In Dubai United Arab Emirates the official religion is Islam. and the language spoken in the emirates is Arabic. In schools in Dubai, modern Arabic standard is taught. The population of Muslims is about three-fifth, of which fourth-fifth are Muslims who are Sunni.  Hindus and Christians are also growing in the country. In the past the zone of individual Arab families and clans. the region now compose of the emirates also has been determined by Persian culture.

Things to know about emirates

The Dubai United Arab Emirates composes of a mixed environment of the desert, coastal plains, Waterland mountains, and wetlands. The seashore is heaven for migrating waterfowl. and instant birdwatchers from all around the world. The Dubai United Arab Emirates preserved beaches. and lavish resorts also have drained international travelers. Standing at historic crossways and made up of various nationalities and different ethnic groups. The Dubai United Arab Emirates shows an evident combination of classical customs. and modern technology of cosmopolitanism and localism and wealth. 


The service sector in Dubai United Arab Emirates, includes public administration, tourism, defense, and construction. Since the 1990’s it has played a growing role in the economy. especially as the Dubai united Arab Emirates venture is to attract tourists. and business foreigners. In sequence to grow its tourism and business sectors. the government has supported major infrastructure projects. the construction of different places and transportation systems, resorts, restaurants, hotels, and airport expansion.