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Main attractions in Dubai


Dubai is a self-standing and liberated city that has remarkably become a modern city in the middle east the desert. Formed as imagined by his highness Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. It is changing, spreading oasis where you can ride boats. Relax in the sight and smell of souks, take a break from ski Dubai. or be surprised by the tremendous buildings or the biggest malls in the world. Dubai is the most visited city in the world about ten million tourists come here every year.

Tourism industry

Tourism is booming in the industry there are so many main attractions in Dubai. No amount of time is enough to see the attractions of the city.

Dubai has a lot of attractions to offer. it doesn’t matter if you come here for business or to spend a holiday. Shopping malls, sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, and restaurants. and so many more things are here to experience in this city. Here are some main attractions in Dubai:

Trip to beaches

When you think Dubai is only a desert country. beaches are not compulsory to be your priority on your go-to list. Think about clear blue water, sandy beaches, and beautiful sunsets all here in Dubai. The city indulges all tourists as there are beaches open to the public. like Jumeirah beach with almost about 1 km of white sand which is best for playing volleyball on the beach. Or you can sit on the beach soak up the sun and enjoy the view of the magical huge Burj Al Arab. if you are a beach lover who just loves to enjoy the beach and get tan you should see Dubai beaches.

Dubai escorted

Desert safari experience

 The huge land of a desert makes it the best tourist destination. for spending an amazing time and adventurous and main attractions in Dubai. It is an exciting activity recommended for all age groups people but not suitable for old people. They embrace a lot of sports and exciting activities like thrilling camel riding, quad biking, hot air balloons, wildlife, sand boarding, Tanura dance, and a dune buggy tour. also, there is an option to enjoy their traditional activities like painting, BBQ, falconry, and watching local dance.

Desert safari is the best palace to enjoy on the vacation with your family but the desert has very harsh temperatures, especially in the summer. its temperature goes to 55 degrees. Yet, you can tour desert safari at night when the temperature goes to normal condition

Luxury Dubai hotels

If you are traveling alone with your partner, friends, or family. Dubai hotels are very suitable for your needs. From the cheap hotel to the most luxurious hotels Dubai has all of the choices for all of you. Do visit the only world seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab. which is based a short distance from the shores of Jumeirah beach. 

Burj Al Arab not only indulges those who are staying but it is also open to those who want to honor themselves with the best food at very reasonable prices.

Shopping malls

The world’s biggest malls are the Dubai Mall and the mall of emirates. One whole day will would not enough to see the full Mall, to visit each boutique and brand. Also, you can pleasure yourself with the huge discounts during the Dubai shopping festivals which are held every year. You can also do shopping from Dubai’s traditional markets which are outside of the malls called Gold Souk. Dubai has proven itself as the ‘City of Gold’ in this market which is true. Is there any better way to pay esteem to this specific tag than by wearing your gold things? All the local peoples and foreigners love to show off their unique gold jewelry pieces and feature their beauty by carrying them at special events in Dubai.

Dubai parks

  Dubai Parks and Resorts play a major role in the reputation of the city as an entertainment paradise. Children get very excited to see the magnificent theme parks. which includes waterparks, Bollywood parks, mitigate, etc. Adults can chill and relax at Riverland boulevard. It’s home to cafes and restaurants and a lot of open-air entertainment. One of the most exciting and main attractions in Dubai is to visit all the water parks and theme parks.

Taste of Dubai

The taste of Dubai is a valuable occasion to the background. The occasion draws as a single unit a remarkable number of restaurants. all around the famous worldwide big name of cuisines. five-star restaurants, exhibitions. The taste of Dubai provides a satisfying chance to the guests where they would be able to taste the most nourishment, and sample most unusually inebriating consumers. 

Best time to see main attractions in Dubai

The climate of Dubai is an extremely hot and dry desert climate with temperatures rising as high as fifty degrees Celsius during the summers. all the indoor benefits in Dubai are air-conditioned but with so many high temperatures there will be little comfort in outdoor activities. Consequently, if you want to enjoy holidays in Dubai to the fullest then the winter months from November to February are the perfect time of the year. At this time, the climate here is ordinary and you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities as every Dubai tourist guide will inform you. Visit at the best time to see the main attractions in Dubai.