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Malls in Dubai


Dubai sits on top when it comes to malls in Dubai. Corresponding with exciting shopping adventures. Apart from the cultural souks found around Dubai, and other emirates, shopping malls in Dubai are one of the top attractions in Dubai. There are more huge malls in Dubai than anywhere else in the Middle East.

Famous and biggest mall in Dubai

The Dubai mall

     Dubai Mall is the 2nd largest mall in the world after the Iran mall. It incredibly attracts many kind visitors and families. Under the one huge roof, you can find almost 1200 to 1300 retailers in Dubai mall. You can explore favorite high street stores like Zara and H&M. or you can explore department stores like Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s. Meantime you can find the most luxury labels on fashion avenue. The exclusive section at the mall has famous enthusiasts of couture. You can find the best stores for shoes and bags like Dior, Fendi, LV, etc. not just that you can slide on the ice at the skating rink which is Olympic size. Also, kids have indoor adventures like there is a Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo in the mall of Dubai. Dubai Mall is one of the best malls in Dubai.

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Other best malls in Dubai

  • Ibn battuta       

   This amazing mall is not only big. but its architecture is incredibly impressive The mall owns a unique multi-cultural environment. It is designed architecturally to tell about the different nations – from Egypt to India and Persia to China. The quantity of shops in the is amazing. You will find each and everything from an Apple store to Boots, from Lacoste to H&M, and from Lego to Next.

  • Bur Juman

       This mall provides a bit more highly developed blend of high street and high fashion. with the stores of Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, Valentino, Emanuel Ungaro, and many more. The food area, restaurant, and café provided in the mall are lavish and allow for entertaining people.  This is one of the most serious malls in Dubai. In this mall, you can do shopping seriously rather than relax and have leisure time.

  • Deira city center

       It is one of the oldest malls in Dubai and the best mall for genuine retail therapy. It has around  370 stores representing main high street brands with the likes of Gap, River Island, Zara, and new-look offering affordable fashion for all the family and girls. There are two food courts in Deira city center, a children’s entertainment area, and a movie theater. This is a great mall to visit for daytime entertainment.

Mall of Emirates

 In the mall of emirates, there are luxury beckons where an extensive range of street-style and fashion is available. After spending a long tiring day of shopping, have a bowl of your favorite dumplings from din Tai Fung. or have a warm cup of your favorite coffee. There is also ski Dubai where you can enjoy sliding down the ice hills. Kids can also play on the kids’ planet and enjoy indoor activities.

Dubai outlet mall

 If you are a bargain hunter drive forty minutes from downtown Dubai to Dubai outlet malls. Shopping lovers can enjoy the year rounds of sales at the mall providing the best trends. You can also find plenty of brands in the Dubai outlet mall. And you can also get the latest electronics and luxe perfumes for a great deal. If you visit the Dubai outlet mall on Monday you will be rewarded with more discounts which are up to fifty percent off at some selected stores



Dubai festival mall

When you step into this one of the mega malls in Dubai, you can have so many options for shopping, dining, and entertaining attractions. This mall is a huge landmark on the banks of Dubai creek which has around 400 shops, 80 cafes and restaurants, 12 screens cinema, and a bowling area. It is guaranteed that you do not go away empty-handed from this mall. You will enjoy a free time shopping experience in this roomy and light-filled mall. Hyperstore and IKEA are also available here

The malls in Dubai contain many different markets, including the gold market.  while inside the mall, the first-class brands participate to take more space in the mall that has hundreds of brands. That brand suits all tastes and classes