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Museum of the future Dubai


Museum of the future Dubai is one of the galleries in Dubai which is recently opened. The museum is near the beginning of its ultra-modern displays, the gleam in green neon the old Chinese proverb, which is written in 3 languages English, Arabic, and Mandarin. The forefathers plant the trees and the offspring enjoy the shade. The writing on the wall of the museum is clear. 

The museum of the future Dubai is different from any other ordinary museum. It is praised as one of the most beautiful museums in the world.

Museum of the future Dubai facts

Museum of the future Dubai has many facts but here are some quick facts about the museum: 

  • Official name: Museum of the Future
  • Location:  the museum is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre 2, Dubai UAE.
  • Features: exhibition space of 7 story, 
  •  story exhibition space, 3 podium levels, the auditorium has 420 seats, lobby, cafeteria, etc. 

Design Fact: the museum has Stainless steel face carved with Arabic calligraphy.

Best time to visit

To visit the museum of the future Dubai weekday mornings are a good time to visit the museum. This is because in the morning there is less crowd compared to the evenings. On Saturdays and Sundays, most people have off from work and it is the most active time to visit the museum.

January, February, and December are the most visited months when tourists come from all over the world to visit Dubai. As July and august are so hot in Dubai and it is very uncomfortable to explore the city during these months.

Duration of visit

Most of the people who come to visit the museum of the future Dubai spend at least 2-3 hours at the museum. Yet there is no limit to the time you can spend in the museum and manifest by its unique architecture.

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Dubai outlet village


If you are looking for amazing hot deals on your favorite iconic fashion brands. Dubai outlet village is your must-stop shopping spot. Most luxury fashion brands are displayed in a very expensive Tuscan-style mall with architecture that is inspired by the medieval hill town. 

Displaying expensive retail brands which include international dining and department stores. 

Dubai outlet village not only provides popular brands at value prices. Being situated next to the Dubai resorts and parks means we can find them too easily.

Services in the Dubai outlet village

  • ATM 

        you will find cash machines situated next to valencia

  • WIFI 

      In Dubai outlet village you can stay connected to the people you love with your friends. You can post photos on your social media wearing your new clothes. By connecting to the free wifi facility just simply find any network and connect your phone.

  • parking

      Enjoy free of charge outdoor parking at the outlet village.

  • Prayer rooms

      Female and male prayer rooms are available across the mall. A cleaning basin and qibla signs are available inside the room. Which you will find in conjunction with every bathroom.

  • Customer information desk

       To make your shopping experience fun and uncomplicated at Dubai outlet village, get a map of our mall from our Customer Information Desk which is next to Dolce Gabbana. You can also visit our Information boards available all over the mall. Collect a map for quick and easy information about our mall.

  • Baby changing facilities 

      This facility is available in all public washrooms.

  • Baby strollers

      We are happy to provide you with free-of-charge baby strollers all over the Dubai outlet village. You can get them from the customer information desk.

  • Services for people’s determination

       We provide a variety of services for people of determination. You will find accessible toilets everywhere around the mall. You will get 10 firm parking spaces in our parking area. If you require a wheelchair at any time, you can talk to our friendly team and collect it from the Customer Information Desk.

  • Charging power banks

     We offer you free-of-charge power bank charges. You can easily get them from the customer information desk if you need them.

  • Electrical vehicle charging

     We are so happy to provide you with delegated electrical vehicle charging stations available in the parking area at the Dubai outlet village.