Dubai: Desert Conservation Reserve Tour with Breakfast

586,00 د.إ

  • Enjoy the desert safari ride in 4 by 4 or range rover with a professional guide
  • Beware of the wildlife at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
  • select between a private or shared tour

Enjoy breakfast in desert at the famous Al Maha Resort.


Get away from the heat of the city and find the pristine desert ecosystem inner the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Enjoy discerning commentary from your guide. Your safari guide will expertly pilot your range rover to travel comfortably. Praise plenty of birdlife, gazelles, desert monitors, etc. taste the delicious breakfast in desert. observe the most carefully maintain wildlife area in the UAE and drive to a distant lake, which is also a bird oasis. Come out into the heat and take amazing photos. Make yourself more comfortable and relax in the sunshine with your supportive headscarf. Your mornings are concluded with tea, coffee, or fresh juice, and savor breakfast with amazing views of desert dunes.


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