Dubai: Half-Day Street Food Tour

810,00 د.إ

  • Go on a street food tour Dubai and See the sights glow at night
  • Walk on the tiny roads and absorb the local atmosphere

Eat with your hands like a Bedouin on a food tour Dubai


begin your street food tour Dubai with a short visit to the Indian temple down the perimeter of the gold and spice markets where few of street shops and restaurants sell an astonishing variety of produce, from local strange clothing, vegetables, spices and fruits. Sample tasty Indian fried Melbourne, Samboussa, and Velbouri from a vegetarian street food cart. Travel across the gleaming Dubai creek with the very popular Abras until you reach the spice market, where different odours are in the surroundings. Go on a street food tour Dubai, take a walk through the fruits, fish, and vegetable markets and entice your taste buds with the famous Dubai dates in the atmospheric heart. Do try cuisines, taste various vegetables, meat, tabouleh, fattoush, flame-grilled for extra flavours.

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