Dubai: Sunrise Balloon Flight with Breakfast & Falcon Photo

1.400,00 د.إ

  • Glide over sunrise balloon flight to the desert dunes of Dubai by hot air balloon
  • Enjoy a breakfast of hand-cut smoked bread, salmon, bread, and fresh fruits
  • Enjoy a sunrise hot air balloon ride
  • Take magical photos with falcon.


Be amazed at views of the Arabian Desert from above with an exciting sunrise balloon flight tour from Dubai. move from your hotel to the landing site and watch the sunrise over the sand. enjoy a gourmet breakfast. Start your balloon ride with an early morning pick-up at your accommodation. Then, depart before sunrise to the desert to the Dubai Desert looking Reserve to start the adventure. You will glide above the Desert for about an hour in the beautiful morning sun. Enjoy a sunrise hot air balloon ride Once you have reached the surface, drive to a private desert-looking reserve and freshen up in the clean bathrooms. You will have a great opportunity to take a photo with a falcon and enjoy a breakfast such as hand-cut smoked bread, salmon,  fruit platter, and more. After the end of this amazing ride, you will be shifted back to the city and dropped off at your accommodation.


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