Dubai: Tour of Creek, Markets and Emirati House with Tea

120,00 د.إ

  • Savor and tour Emirati house with tea Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant
  • Travel over the Al Fahidi Historical District and move along Al Seef street
  • Acquire knowledge about the rich history of coffee in Dubai
  • Take the Abra water taxi and go on a market tour
  • wander around the Gold Souk and praise the collections of gold jewelry


Enjoy a conducted tour of popular sights of Dubai, seeing Al Seef street, Al Fahidi Historical District, and the Gold Souk. speculate to try some traditional coffee and tea at Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant and take the Abra water taxi down Dubai Creek. Be greeted with Arabic tea at Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant, where you will also test the Arabian culture of camel milk, luqaimat, and Ragag. While observing the traditional interiors and architecture, listen to the alteration of the UAE. Take the opportunity to tour the Emirati house with tea, a bedroom with its antiques, praising the architectural growth from the tent copy situated at the restaurant to cultural Arish buildings made from the megastructure to the leaves of date palms. Take the Abra water taxi and go on a market tour and try your hand at henna painting while spoiling in the traditional Arabic Makeover.

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