From Dubai: Heritage Dinner Desert Safari

580,00 د.إ

  • encounter the modern city of Dubai as it was 50 years ago on this heritage tour and enjoy heritage dinner
  • Enjoy activities like henna painting, camel rides, sheesha, bread, Arabic coffee, and bread making at the camp
  • Enjoy a cultural 4-course dinner under the stars
  • Step back in time to the desert safari experience
  • Visit the private and royal luxurious desert retreat.


Travel back in time and encounter Dubai as it was 50 years ago with this tour. Look for local fauna and flora and spend time at a Bedouin campsite. plunge yourself into local culture with falconry, sheesha, henna painting, Arabic music, and a heritage dinner. Drive through the desert in style as you try to mark local wildlife like the gazelles and  Arabian oryx in the pristine Dubai Desert keeping Reserve. Live a unique encounter at the Bedouin campsite which is lit with the soft flames of cultural lamps. Encounter traditional activities like henna painting, music, falconry, and sheesha. Step back in time on the desert safari experience. Have the chance to learn how to prepare a local breadmaking recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation. Watch and consume interactive Emirati performances like yola and drumming.


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