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Things to do in Dubai


As Dubai is the most popular holiday destination. Dubai has established itself very well when it comes to tourism. Dubai is the city of gold. Dubai celebrates many events and festivals every year. that reflect the modern lifestyle of the city enclosed in a cloth of old traditions. There are so many top attractions and things to do in Dubai. Here are many things you can do in Dubai.

Top things to do in Dubai

  • Burj Al Arab

 Do visit the Burj Al Arab if you can to eat in either restaurant. It’s a classic achievement of the emirate. If you don’t go there to eat then take some time out just to acknowledge this astonishing architectural masterpiece that can be seen everywhere in Dubai.

  • Desert safari

   One of the best things to do in Dubai is the desert safari. The huge land of the desert makes it the best tourist destination. for spending amazing times and adventurous desert safari. It’s an exciting activity recommended for all age groups people but not suitable for old people. They embrace a lot of sports and exciting activities like thrilling camel riding, quad biking, hot air balloons, wildlife, sand boarding, Tanura dance, and dune buggy tour also there is an option to enjoy their traditional activities like painting, BBQ, falconry, and watching local dance.

  • skydiving

   skydiving experience is the best opportunity for the adventure seeker. Skydive Dubai offers tandem skydive chances, which are managed by trained professionals. You have to book a skydive in advance to settle a spot. If you dive through the top of the clouds from almost 13,000 feet and see the views of the Palm Jumeirah or rolling dunes of the desert. It is more worth it. It is one of the braveheart’s things to do in Dubai.



Dubai escorted

Dubai creek

  the saltwater creek was the support of Dubai itself and set out as a port for trading vessels. You can enjoy the beauty of the sea by setting a romantic dinner on a cruise. You can also book a private dhow. The creek is still growing and the new project takes 7 islands with the name lagoons. Lagoons are going to be built in Dubai. The height of the tower will be around 400 meters. Families come to beaches for spending weekends.



   Dubai is home to some of the sandiest sea shores. Dubai provides countless opportunities for water sports. Dubai is blessed with so much beauty and sunshine beaches.  Relaxing on the beaches is one of the favorite things to do in Dubai. Many of these pretty waterfronts are converted into beach parks with generous play areas, breathtaking gardens, areas for a picnic, and green places to relax.

Dubai parks and resorts

  Dubai Parks and Resorts play a major role in the reputation of the city as an entertainment paradise. Children get very excited to see the magnificent theme parks. which includes waterparks, Bollywood parks, motiongate, etc. Adults can chill and relax at Riverland boulevard. It’s home to cafes and restaurants and a lot of open-air entertainment. One of the most exciting things to do in Dubai is to visit all the water parks and theme parks.

Palm Jumeirah

  Palm Jumeirah is man-made Island that can be seen from space and a bunch of houses and commercial properties. These mostly consist of villas that have been purchased at a premium cost. This is where the rich and famous people normally have their homes.



Golf club

  Dubai is a desert region that has managed to grow grassland all around the city. Large bulks of money are spent on irrigation systems. And now high range of Golf courses are available in Dubai.

Quad biking

 Quad biking is Similar to the desert safari but with a lot more of an adrenaline rush and excitement. You hire your vehicle and can fight and enjoy the dunes. it’s a bit more expensive but it is worth the money. It is very suitable for adrenaline junkies.

Taste of Dubai

The taste of Dubai is a valuable occasion to the background. The occasion draws as a single unit a remarkable number of restaurants. all around the famous worldwide big name of cuisines. five-star restaurants, exhibitions. The taste of Dubai provides a satisfying chance to the guests where they would be able to taste the most nourishment, and sample most unusually inebriating consumers.