Tourist in Dubai


Dubai is a self-standing and liberated city that has remarkably become a modern city in the middle east the desert. Formed as imagined by his highness Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. It is changing, spreading watering place where you can ride boats. Relax in the sight and smell of souks, take a break from ski Dubai. or be surprised by the monumental buildings or the biggest malls in the world. Dubai is the most visited city in the world about ten million tourists come here every year. Tourist in Dubai love to see all attractions of Dubai

Important rules for the first-time tourist in Dubai:

There are a few things you should know and never take for granted before you are a tourist in Dubai for the first time. You should know the policies of Dubai are very strict But the picture is not the way it looks. Dubai is a popular place of fun activities and enjoyment for tourists. When it comes to the adventure of desert Safari it is best for tourist in Dubai. Dubai can be a strict place for you if you do not follow the rules or you will break them being a tourist, Therefore, we will discuss some important rules for people who are visiting Dubai for the first time.

Wear suitable clothes

 It is rigid against the laws of Dubai if you wear revealing clothes in public or even wear clothes that are less than your knees. UAE is a country that is not representative. Dubai follows Islamic and sharia laws hence you must wear appropriate clothes and make sure to not forget to cover your shoulders.

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Restrictions in the month of Ramadan

       In the holy month of Ramadan, some rules must be followed by visitors, tourists, and people coming from different countries.  As in the month of Ramadan when Muslims fast visitors should not eat or drink anything. Everyone has to follow the rules in Dubai or else they may have to face some real problems. During this month of Ramadan, nothing should proceed through the mouth between sunrise and sunset.

Banning loud music

    In Dubai, Loud music is banned in public areas. Tourist in Dubai who come from a western country consider this thing fine and they like to play loud music in public areas But this is not acceptable and allowed in Dubai.


Avoid summers for Dubai

    Summers in Dubai are so uncomfortable. The summers in Dubai are highly critical. Summers in Dubai became severe and high that sometimes become impossible to tolerate for tourist in Dubai.

Shopping is expensive

    If you want to visit Dubai for shopping, you should know that shopping in Dubai is very expensive. Tourists in Dubai love to go to malls but not all people do shopping. You should wait for the sales to do shopping in Dubai. 

No casino in Dubai

Tourists in Dubai from western countries think that Dubai is full of casinos. This is wrong, there is not a single casino in Dubai. It’s not even in the UAE. so it’s good for every tourist in Dubai to keep in mind before visiting.

Alcohol while driving is banned

      You cannot drive while you are in Dubai because it is a very strict law in Dubai. If the police grab you driving while you are drunk in Dubai, police will take you to jail. As far as alcohol is bothered you can only drink it if you have a license in Dubai.

Reserve your tickets for Burj Khalifa

    All the instructions and directions are based on experiences. Thus, it is good for you to book online tickets for any Enduro tour in Dubai. and you should pre-book your ticket to visit Burj Khalifa too. Because of this, you will not make yourself stand in long lines. Burj Khalifa is a memorial and the best tourist attraction in Dubai. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building.

Sunday is a working day in Dubai

     Sunday is not a holiday in Dubai but it is a working day there. Alternatively,  Thursday is the weekend in Dubai. Friday is a holiday. As in most other countries, Sunday is a holiday and Saturday is a weekend but it is not in Dubai.