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Dubai: Explorer Pass - Choose 3 to 7 Attractions
Arabian Dune Safari


Dubai is the most significant tourism destination. Millions of tourists visit here. Dubai is the fourth most visited country all over the world. It is famous for high buildings, large shopping malls, adventurous water parks, palm islands, luxury hotels, sports events, and safari trips. 

Dubai is best for getaways and is one of the most luxurious cities also known as a dream city. The first-ever EXPO in the middle east, Dubai expo 2020 attracted millions of visitors from worldwide.


Dubai is a world-acknowledged tourism destination. Millions of people come to Dubai for tourism, its most beautiful city. The basic component for setting up a travel agency in Dubai is a limited liability company.

Travel agencies manage visa procedures for tourists from different countries. All agencies should have insurance policies.



  1. Legal Drinking Age in Dubai : 

         If you are visiting Dubai for any purpose then keep in mind that drinking isn’t allowed in public places, also it’s illegal if you are under 21.


     If you are visiting Dubai then it’s important to know that the government of Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy against drugs, if you are caught in this activity this is punishable, and the penalty is a fine and they will also cancel your visa.

  1. Carry prescriptions if you are using any medicine:

       When you are traveling to Dubai and you are using any kind of medicines then  keep in mind that you can also take your doctor’s prescription with you this will help you in the immigration process 

4.No drinking while driving:

        If you are drunk while driving this is not good for you in Dubai if you are caught in this activity this is punishable, and the penalty is a fine and they will also cancel your visa.

  1. Carry your passport, visa, and other documents 

           If you are traveling to Dubai   Make sure to have different copies of your passport, and documents and place them in the file, and carry them with you everywhere. But in case your documents got lost. Keep your original documents in a hotel for safety.

  1. Dress up properly in public:

            There are instructions on what is acceptable to wear in different areas like you can wear anything at hotel functions or on beaches. In general; your knees and shoulders should be covered in malls and different cultural areas.

  1. Always ask permission while taking pictures of people:

                Even when you are just taking your picture and other people are in Your frame it is considered disrespectful and rude if you click pictures of people without permission this is relevant if there are women in the frame.

  1. Visiting in Ramadan:

          As Dubai is an Islamic country, do not drink or eat in public during the holy month of Ramadan Muslims consider it very disrespectful and discourteous.

  1. Weekend in Dubai:

          Dubai is off on Fridays and Saturdays.

  1. Maintain distance from locals:

          When you meet locals in Dubai or acknowledge them, never be the first one to be in physical contact unless it’s a handshake, stay in distance from women and greet them from a safe distance.